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Invest in Israeli start-ups, TASE 125, and in impact investments.


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How does it work?

We make it easy for you to invest your fund's assets, both at home and in Israel.

IsraelGives makes it easy for you to decide how, and where, to invest your fund's assets. If you have a large account, you can empower your own investment advisor to make decisions on how to invest your fund's assets. Or you can invest directly through your IsraelGives DAF, which enables you to invest not only in domestic investments, but directly in Israel in the Tel Aviv 125 (Israel's S&P), impact investments and cleantech, and program-related investment.

You make investments, and manage your portfolio, completely online. All profits from your investments return directly to your fund, no matter where they are invested.

Direct investments

We enable you to investment directly in both publicly traded investments, and private, liquid impact investments. This includes:

  • Tel Aviv stock exchange and mutual funds
  • Publicly traded Israeli hi-tech and impact investments
  • Loans to non-profits and social businesses
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Program Related Investments

We can also facilitate investment in program-related investments, social-oriented initiatives aimed at furthering Israel's people and economy.

  • Investments in non-profit business initiatives
  • Higher-risk investments that further a social goal
  • Loans to students and released soldiers
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Our investment committee members
select and approve direct investment tracks

Matti Munk


Mark Chess

Managing Partner,
FinTLV Ventures

Dana Maimon

IsraelGives Foundation

Ariella Grinberg

MiiCA Ventures

Daniel Wirzberger

Chief Investment Officer,
Pearl Manor Capital

Jonathan Ben-Dor

America Gives

Learn about the different ways that you can invest your fund assets in Israel

Support Israel's Economy with State of Israel Bonds

One great way to support Israel is to invest in State of Israel Bonds.This traditional investment type supports government spending and reduces the cost of public debt, enabling the government to increase spending for weaker groups and improve infrastructures. We invest through various Bond funds and ETFs which specialize in these products.

Invest in the Israeli private sector

A further way to impact Israel’s economy is by investing Israel’s private sector. This sector is the engine of the country’s development. Successful businesses drive growth, create jobs and pay the taxes that finance services and investment. We invest in this sector through leading ETFs which specialize in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange, tracking the benchmark successfully over time.

Israel ESG Equity Fund

Further effect an investment in Israel’s private sector with a specific investment into companies with high environmental, social and communal awareness. These are publicly traded Israeli corporations that agree with the ideal that companies are more likely to succeed and deliver strong returns if they create value for all their stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers and wider society including the environment – and not just the company owners. We invest in these corporations through the Kesem ESG fund run by Excellence, one of Israel's largest fund management firms.

Private sector and tech fund

The growth of Israel’s private sector over the past two decades has been fueled by the growth of it’s technology industry. With 79 unicorns and hundreds of IPO’s, it is no wonder that Israel is called “The Start-up Nation”. However, whereas the Tel Aviv indices offer little exposure to the newer companies and the VC funds may be over exposed, we offer a unique balance with a combination of traditional and technology companies within a USD Forvest Capital fund.

Invest in Green Technologies in Israel

Impact Israel and the world by investing in choice public Israeli companies whose key activities are in improving the environment. These may include renewable energy, sustainable resource use, conservation, clean transportation and adaptation to climate change. Israel’s technology sector has supplied some of the world’s cutting-edge technologies to impact our constant battle against the global warming, and within the Tel-Aviv stock exchange there is an autonomous Greentech index, further increasing awareness to these corporations.

Invest in Israel's inner cities and urban renewal

Invest in Urban renewal projects to rejuvenate old and delipidated residential buildings, making them earthquake and bomb proof and improve quality of lives for the residents.
Urban renewal is a recognized source of residential development with all the leading real estate developers involved in this activity, and major investment houses investing alongside them through designated funds.

Israel SME micro-finance fund

SMEs bring innovation into the economy. Innovation sits at the heart of what we do in Israel. Because of their size, SMEs are often much better at identifying and embracing new trends in the industry and, therefore, driving the innovation within their respective sectors.
We provide the framework for you to invest your charity in a diversified portfolio of small business loans for small Israeli businesses, many of which are in the periphery. The loan portfolio is created through Bethebank, Israel's largest commerciall P2P platform, which underwrites the loan applications and uses proprietary software to analyse the borrowers' credit scores and track record.

Invest in dental care for lower socio-economic groups in Israel

Israel’s public health care systems is one of the best in the world. Outfitted with the best doctors and modern technology and equipment, Israelis benefit from governmental equalitarian medical care.
Yet, adult dental health is not included in the public health system, and private dental care often forgone due to its large expense. Together with Blender, Israel's largest retail P2P platform, we have created a unique subsidized loan, to make dental care accessible to those who cannot afford one-time large payments to dentists, but need to pay overtime. By investing in this portfolio, more Israelis from lower socio-economic circles will be able to enjoy better dental health.